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Michael Ostby

Sporting Director

Reside: Emeryville, CA
Birth Date:
Favorite Car:
Current Car: Honda S2000
Favorite Track:
Outside Interests:
Favorite Food:
Racing Heroes:

James Tam

Car Chief

Birthplace:  San Francisco, CA
Reside:  San Francisco, CA
Birth Date:  December 30, 1989
Favorite Car:  Ferrari Enzo
Current Car:  BMW 325xi
Favorite Track:
Outside Interests:  House, Trance, EDM
Favorite Food:  Sushi and Candy
Racing Heroes:  Ricky Bobby, Senna, Rossi

Bao Vu

Team Mechanic

Birthplace: San Jose, CA
Reside: San Jose, CA
Birth Date: September 22
Favorite Car: Porsche GT3RS in Signal Green
Current Car: BMW M3
Favorite Track: Laguna Seca
Outside Interests: Friends. Gym. Tan. Laundry.
Favorite Food: Pizza. Steak. Sometimes together.
Racing Heroes: