2014 Season Recap: A Championship Season for Prima Racing

November 26th, 2014

Following the end of a successful 2013 season, Andrie Hartanto announced to his Prima Racing team that the team’s 2014 targets would be much more challenging, more demanding and more focused. Hartanto wanted to do something that neither he, nor the team had ever done before; win the SCCA National Championship. A secondary goal was to also fight for additional wins in the US Touring Car Championship in the GT Class.

Each goal presented its own challenge, but both required a demanding level of performance from the team both on and off the track. In order to qualify for the SCCA National Championship Runoffs event, Hartanto would have to successfully place high enough through the course of a predetermined number race weekends in order to be eligible for the SCCA Runoffs. This meant battling formidable competition for a minimum of six regional races and placing within the top finishers at each one. If this couldn’t be accomplished, the team would need to venture to other regions in the hopes of putting in strong performances.

The USTCC GT Class posed an interesting driving challenge in that Prima Racing’s Honda S2000 was by far, the most underpowered car in the class. While it was no secret that Hartanto was capable of turning blindingly quick laps, the lack of power had been the team’s primary weakness, as the pole positions earned in qualifying carried less merit after being overtaken at the start of the race by higher powered cars. While the team had secured an opportunity to add more horsepower for the USTCC GT Class races through longtime sponsor CT Engineering, the addition of power would not come until later in the season, thus making the early races a rather extraordinary challenge for Hartanto behind the wheel.

SCCA STU-spec trim

USTCC GT Class Trim

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Prima Racing & Andrie Hartanto: Super Lap Battle Unlimited RWD Champions

November 23rd, 2014

For Prima Racing, the 2014 racing season has been one of notable success. It has been one in which the team had overcome numerous setbacks and challenges. After Prima Racing claimed title of SCCA National Champions, it was anticipated that team would have the chance to sit back and revel in its accomplishments. However, team principal and driver, Andrie Hartanto, had another surprise for the team when he entered their Honda S2000 into the Super Lap Battle Time Attack in the RWD Unlimited Class.

Hartanto and Prima Racing are no strangers when it comes to time attack with Hartanto having competed in prior years while piloting numerous cars. “We’ve been there before, but this year it hasn’t been a focus for us. We’re doing this totally for fun,” Hartanto commented. “Plus, I’m interested to see how a purpose-built race car does in an event that places a major emphasis on horsepower and aerodynamics. Yes, we have both, but not nearly to the extent that a lot of the serious competitors have,” Hartanto explained. “I’m not as concerned about winning as I am curious as to see how we’ll do.”

Photo courtesy of Evolutionized Photography http://www.facebook.com/EvolutionizedPhotography

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Prima Racing Claims its First SCCA National Championship!

October 14th, 2014

At last year’s season-end party, Prima Racing team principal and driver, Andrie Hartanto announced a bold target for the team’s 2014 season; the STU Class SCCA National Championship. While the team had competed with SCCA Pro Racing at a few local World Challenge races in previous years, this was a new series, new class and a new level of competition for a dedicated, season-long campaign. Hartanto was confident that the team could do well, despite the fact that the team would have a long road ahead in order to qualify for the Runoffs.

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As the Pressure Heats up, APR Performance Keeps Prima Racing Cool

October 1st, 2014

On more than one occasion, frequent readers of Prima Racing’s updates have noticed that the team frequently replaces rotors. Lots of them. Despite running ducting to cool the brakes, the level of heavy braking generates substantial heat, causing excessive and sometimes critical levels of wear to both the rotors and pads. On numerous occasions Prima Racing has also been asked why the team hasn’t made the upgrade to larger brakes with more pistons, larger pads and bigger diameter rotors. There are a few reasons for this;

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