Prima Racing’s NASA Weekend at Laguna Seca Results in Surprise Success

July 30th, 2014

In previous years, Prima Racing has partaken in numerous NASA weekends, primarily within the Honda Challenge classes. With a gap in the racing schedule for the team, taking the S2000 back down to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca for further testing seemed like a wise decision.  To do so, Prima Racing the team signed itself up for the ST3 (Super Touring) class while running the S2000 in their usual SCCA STU level of trim.

“Getting proper track time at Laguna is rare and it usually comes at a premium,” noted driver and Team Principal, Andrie Hartanto.  ”We anticipate some stiff competition at Runoffs, which is held at Laguna Seca this year. We’re not looking to be competitive this weekend at all. This is strictly a testing weekend and we’re going to be constantly trying different stuff. While this weekend’s results do not directly affect either series that we’re actively campaigning in this year, the information we hope to take away from this weekend will be very important.”

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Race to the SCCA Runoffs: Prima Racing Sweeps at Sonoma

July 8th, 2014

The past four races for Prima Racing’s SCCA STU Class campaign have shown just how well the team has performed within their class; four wins and two records. The final SCCA race weekend for the team was an important one as they wanted to ensure that the team’s results and their momentum would not only allow for Prima Racing to qualify, but perform exceedingly well during the SCCA National Championship Runoffs at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca later this year.

“This is the final SCCA event that we have scheduled on our calendar before the Runoffs,” driver and team principal Andrie Hartanto remarked. “While every weekend there is pressure to do well, there’s even more pressure today because we don’t just need to maximize points to ensure that we qualify for the Runoffs. If we don’t do well, or if we can’t make it to the grid, we’ll be forced to go to find an event or two to participate in somewhere else within the Northern Pacific region. We have five finishes right now, but we need to make sure we at least have six. Ideally we end with another double-win weekend, but it looks like we’ve got some tough competition.”

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USTCC GT Class: Shootout at Laguna Seca

July 1st, 2014

Make no mistake about it, the 2014 USTCC GT season for Prima Racing has been quite the challenge. While the team has enjoyed its fair share of pole positions and even a surprise win during the endurance race, the recurring theme has been that Prima Racing has been considered an outside contender, which is to be expected when bringing a naturally-aspirated, four cylinder Honda S2000 to a true GT class series.

In other words, all season long Prima Racing and Andrie Hartanto had been bringing a knife to a gunfight. Thanks to longtime partners CT Engineering and Blacktrax and a few long nights put in by the Prima Racing crew and TwinCam Motorsports, Hartanto not only felt confident enough to enter the shootout head-on, but to boldly proclaim to the rest of the USTCC GT field, “I’m your huckleberry.”

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Race to the SCCA Runoffs: Prima Racing Sweeps at Laguna in Record Fashion

June 9th, 2014

This past weekend Prima Racing was back in action, running at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Following their USTCC GT performances which earned them a place on the bottom step of the podium in two consecutive races, the team was hoping for the winning momentum to claim the top spot; this time back in the SCCA STU class. The team was eager to further advance their season-long objective of qualifying for the SCCA Runoffs in October.

Given that the Runoffs would be held at Laguna Seca, there was heightened significance around this past weekend. “We’ll be placing extra emphasis on testing and setup at Laguna, that way we get our settings as close to optimal when we hopefully come back here for Runoffs,” commented team principal and driver, Andrie Hartanto.

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